IMB delivered units HELIFIN® Heat Exchangers (HELIXCHANGER® heat exchanger with low-finned tubes) and Helitowers (“Texas Tower” heat exchanger with HELIXCHANGER® bundle) amongst the largest ever built.



HELIXCHANGER® heat exchangers are best suited for services where the shellside heat transfer coefficient plays an important role and/or shellside pressure drop is controlling, where reduced shellside fouling is desired, and also when flow-induced vibrations are a concern. Shellside media may range from hydrogen-rich gas to water or viscous fluids with high fouling tendencies, in single-phase or two-phase flow. HELIXCHANGER® heat exchangers can be designed with TEMA E, J or special multi-pass shells with multi-pass tube bundles.
Applications are in the gas processing, refining, petrochemical and chemical industries, as well as the power, food and pharmaceutical industries. Some examples are:

Crude preheat exchangersFIG 2 HX
Feed preheaters
Oil coolers
Process gas coolersCompressor aftercoolers
Reactor feed-effluent exchangers
Overhead condensers
Column reboilers

HELIXCHANGER® heat exchangers provide substantial cost benefits for new plants and for revamps of existing units.
Reductions in surface area of up to 30%, with smaller size or fewer number of shells, can be achieved. This provides significant savings in capital costs, piping/structural costs and plot space.
HELIXCHANGER® heat exchangers are particularly suited for plant revamps. Increases in process capacity of up to 40% can be achieved with replacement HELIXCHANGER® bundles while also reducing maintenance requirements. Reuse of existing shells and piping provides significant savings in investment costs.

Since 1998 IMB delivers throughout the world for different processes such as:
Crude Distillation
Catalytic Reforming (CCR)
Vacuum Distillation
Crude Distillation
Crude Distillation

Main features

■ Less shell-side fouling
■ Higher shell side heat transfer
■ Lower shell side pressure drop
■ Reduction of vibration hazards
■ Better two – phase flow distribution
■ Cost Saving on Total Life Cycle Basis

Compared with conventional perpendicular segmentally baffled shell and tube
heat exchangers, HELIXCHANGER® heat exchangers offer the following advantages:

Enhanced heat transfer
■ Lower shellside pressure drop
■ Reduced investment costs
■ Increased process capacity
■ Lower shellside fouling
■ Extended run-length and service life
■ Reduced vibration hazards
■ Reduced maintenance costs

How to Recognize Potential for Helixchanger®?

■ Where conventional design is NTIW
■ Where conventional design is Rod Baffle
■ Where shell side thermal resistance is > 50%
■ Where shell side fouling is > 40%
■ Where E-stream is > 10%.
■ Where conventional design has Re(shell) > 10000
■ Where conventional design has large baffle spacing or double segmental baffles
■ Where conventional design is with low-fin tubes


HELIXCHANGER® is a registered trademark of Lummus Technology, Inc.