Exchangers for Offshore Applications

Subsea Coolers

Since the very beginning, in early 2000, IMB participated in the study and pilot phases for subsea coolers equipment for the North Sea, from engineering to manufacturing.
IMB is proud of being part of the Åsgard subsea compression project completed in 2015, as the first of its kind in the world. This project foresees compressors installed on the seabed, instead of on a platform, thus directly using sea water for cooling so sending liquefied gas to sea surface. This will improve recovery from Mikkel and Midgard reservoirs by around 280 million barrels of oil equivalents.
IMB has given his contribution to the project from the first preliminary modeling to the sinking yard off the coast of Norway.

Offshore Exchangers

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Strict space requirements is the most critical aspect of every offshore installation. Being involved in this business since a long time, IMB has provided tangible value in the identification of the best compromise to match the required process target within the minimum plot space. From big hairpins installations to sub-sea coolers, IMB’s expertise in tailoring every time the perfect customized solution has been well recognized by our satisfied clients.

Always striving to contribute in developing more effective process heat transfer technologies, IMB Industrie Meccaniche di Bagnolo is able today to combine its technical expertise and many years of industry experience to provide one of the most comprehensive selection of tubular heat exchanger products and solutions.
From thermal and mechanical design, through best-in-class manufacturing, technical consultancy, training and aftermarket service, our engineers help you optimize your heat transfer systems to make your operations more efficient and productive.