stirene 6Styrene, one of the most important monomers produced by the petrochemical industry, is the basic building block for the manufacturing of a broad range of plastics. Our equipment covers different services on licenced plants where Ethylbenzene (EB) is dehydrogenated to styrene over potassium-promoted iron oxide catalyst in the presence of low steam to oil to achieve high styrene selectivity.

A typical styrene plant consists of two or three reactors in series, which operate under vacuum to enhance the conversion and selectivity. Selectivity to styrene is 93-97%.
Improving conversion and so reducing the amount of ethylbenzene that must be separated is the chief impetus for researching alternative routes to styrene like POSM, SM/PO or involving the reaction of benzene and ethane.
IMB is referenced for the following equipment mainly as per SSW and Badger and Snamprogetti’s licence and has an extensive experience in manufacturing specifically Reactor Reheaters and 3 Car Garages.